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Oct 06, 2005 at 11:53 PM

Gate Way Connection dropped - Urgent



We created TCP/IP RFC destination. Through which we are calling the .NET services. The Listener running at .NET side. We can able to call the .NET function module. At this point of time we can see the entry(RFC) in TCode SMGW -->Goto --> Logged on clients.

But over the period when we call the .NET function we are getting the Dump as follows.


"CPIC-CALL: 'ThSAPECMINIT'#Transaction program not registered ""

Error text........... "program TDF_INT not registered"

Description.......... "TP TDF_INT not registered"

AT this point of time we cant see the entry(RFC)in TCode SMGW.

<u>Note:</u> When we restart the Listener at .NET side, i can able to call .NET Function module.

We are able to see whether gate way is opened or not.

Is there any way to Connect the gate way programmatically? Or anybody could say me why we its breaking the connection after some time

Raja T