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Oct 29, 2013 at 09:42 AM

creating attendance record in IT2002


Hi Experts,

We are in the middle of a HCM implementation, and we have a query regarding one of the client’s requirement which is:

Their employees can apply for permission type for 1 hours daily for a period of six months as a single request through ESS.

i.e; start date – 01.10.2013

End date – 30.04.2014

Permission type – wet nursing

Start time – 10:00

End time – 11:00

But when this request gets updated after approval in SAP, it should get updated as single individual records in IT2002 for each date (i.e; individual records from 01.10.2013 to 30.04.2014). Similarly, if the employee wants to delete the request, he will still go and delete the single request that was initially raised by him, but from SAP all the individual records created should get deleted.

The main purpose of this requirement is to avoid time violations for the employee and reduce the complexity of applying permissions
on a daily basis if it is going to be for a long duration.

As, anyone implemented such a scenario or how can the above be achieved?

Alternative; Can we create a single record in IT2002 with start time and end time so that time evaluation considers this as a permission for each date until the end date?