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Oct 29, 2013 at 09:52 AM

Delivery with respect to third party software integration



Materials are dispatched to our customers through trucks,say for a customer 10 trucks of material are dispatched in a day,through third party software material name ,qty,vehicle number ,ship to party name are captured and this captured data is send to SAP on hourly basis .Delivery and PGI are done in the back ground through a program,this program runs on hourly basis.Due to this if any error occurred in between due to improper maintenance of data,systems performance is getting down.So management have decided to do delivery at the end of the day.To be brief the process is like this,

a sales order is created for 50 tons of material,say in day 10 deliveries will be made each will range from 1 to 3 ton approximately 30 tons of particular material will be delivered.Remaining 20 tons will be delivered next day or some other day.How can we combine all deliveries (physical deliveries) into SAP delivery.Here client does not want to do credit memo to their customers,apart from vehicle return in case of accident return PGI will be done and once again material will be sent to customer on the same day or other day.Here client does month end billing,so they doesn't encourage credit notes.Only problem is while combining all physical deliveries into one SAP delivery as there is a chance of return PGI also,which we want to track.Is there any possible solution.