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Oct 29, 2013 at 09:14 AM

Picking and PGI thru Idoc at Shipment level


Business process :--

01. Deliveries created thru Sales Orders

02. Send delivery information to Warehouse thru 940

03. Warehouse consolidate DOs based on route/priority etc and trigger Idoc (SHPMNT05) - which will create Shipment in SAP.

04.Once shipment created in SAP it will trigger output ( as an Idoc ) and send Shipment details to warehouse for shipping.

05. Warehouse do PICK and PACK based on Shipment and trigger Idoc - which should do Picking and PGI in SAP .

I need help at step 5

01. Which Idoc Type can be used to do pick and PGI at shipment level.

02. Can we do Picking and PGI thru one Idoc or need separate Idocs.

Thank you ,