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Former Member
Oct 29, 2013 at 06:30 AM

COPA Assessment cycle issue


Hello Experts,

I am having issue in COPA Assessment cycle execution (KEU5), i created a cycle to allocate cost from a cost center to COPA.

in cycle, i have given sender object as cost center and receiver objects as "ZZZZZZZZ" in customer and product fields as we need to allocate to all customers and products in that specific company code, ( have given company code too in receiver object)

When i execute the cycle in test mode, i could see the cost is being allocated to only 3-4 customers/ products and the sender/ receiving tracing factor is showing 300+, i suppose it should be 100% only, but i am not sure why it is showing 300+.

I created the cycle with rule of allocation on variable portions and not on fixed portion or fixed percentage.

Can any one give idea why system is trying to allocate only to few customers/ products and not all in the specif company code?

Why system is showing the values Tracing factor and what it indicates?

What are the other steps i need to do in order to allocate the cost to all customers and products in a company code.