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Oct 28, 2013 at 07:11 PM

SPROXY error


Hi folks,

we are facing an upgrade related issue. we upgraded our ecc system from SAP BASIS 701 SP 6 to 731 SP7. In upgraded version, all the interfaces using SPROXY t-code are working fine and with no issues, in upgraded version none of the interfaces using SPROXY are working.

Is there a post upgrade activity to be done to fix this ? this does not seem to be a PI issue but if anyone saw this kind of behaviour post ECC upgrade , kindly let us know

examples of failures -

Interfaces using SPROXY to read/write a file from/to folder is failing

Interfaces using inbound proxy from PI are failing " Message successful in PI" but "red in ECC"

Interface using outbound proxy to PI " Message red in PI with HTTP Status Code 200 Received But Error During Response Parsing: No XI Response Received XML element {}Envelope missing in SOAP message header (SAP XI Extension)" but "checkered in ECC"

Please let me know for any details or questions...