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Oct 28, 2013 at 04:52 PM

PTMW: time entry not getting validated


Dear Gurus,

I have come accross a dificulty in the time manager workplace and I don’t seem able to pinpoint the origin of the issue. Maybe you can throw a shade of light and help me solving this error:

In PTMW, one day one person view I have a calendar tab and a time event tab. In the time event tab, possible input are time event P10 clock in or P20 clock out.

Now if I input P10 and 9 oclock as the time of entry directly into the control tab (screen 2000) and press enter to validate the screen the entry gets deleted (it is not being validated), no error nor warning message.

But if I go the detail tab (screen 101), do the same P10, enter, then time of entry, enter, the control tab receive the information.

As far as I have debugged, there is a local class defined as LCL_CONT_DELTA with a register_record method which seems to fuel the buffer between PTMW app PAI and PBO. This methods is not being called while directly entering value in the control tab and is called while entering the data view the detail screen. So when I get at the PBO event, nothing is read from the buffer if data was inputted from the control tab while it is read in the later case. I am not able to determine how the call is triggered.

I have seen nothing relevant to customer code messing with my entries everything is standard code related and somehow I am getting a little lost with so many dynamic references.

Do you have a clue if there are a few configuration points I should review?

Thanks a lot for your help,