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Oct 28, 2013 at 03:18 PM

cannot access QuickBooks 14 data


I had been using Crystal Reports 2008 (version reports against data from QuickBooks V12 and the QODBC driver (from FLEXQuarters) that is used with QuickBooks.

I recently upgraded to QuickBooks V14 and the associated QODBC driver and find that Crystal can no longer get data from QuickBooks.

I downloaded an evaluation copy of Crystal Reports 2013 (version and have the same issue.

A major difference between QB 14 and QB 12 with QODBC is that now User Access Control must be on in order for the driver and QB to communicate.

When I run one of my Crystal reports, I am asked to log into QuickBooks, whether QuickBooks is running or not, and the login always fails:

The 1st error box message is: Database Connector Error: 'IM006: [Microsoft] [ODBC driver manager] Driver's SQLSetConnectAttr failed [Database vendor code: 10041]'

The 2nd error box message is: Logon failed. Details: 00000 [QODBC] QB begin session failed. Error = 80040408, Could not start QuickBooks. [Database vendor code 10041]'

I am able to use the QODBC driver to access QB via a test VB program that comes with the QODBC driver. I am also able to access QB from OpenOffice Base via the QODBC driver so both vendors are pointing at Crystal as the problem.

Thanks for any suggestions.