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Oct 28, 2013 at 01:32 PM

change the id server in a replication system



I have to do a migration from solaris sparc to solaris intel, i have to migrate several replication servers and dataservers.

At the same time, I'm migrating from ASE 12.5.4 2K pages to ASE 15.7 4K pages.

1. Configuration A


I started with the following configuration :

ASE 12.5.4 servers ASESERVER_a and ASESERVER_b

(servers running on solaris sparc, with page size 2K)

REP 15.2 servers REPSERVER_a and REPSERVER_b

with a bi-directional route between REPSERVER_a and REP_SERVER_b.

REPSERVER_a manages databases from dataserver ASESERVER_a,

REPSERVER_b manages databases from dataserver ASESERVER_b.

I have bi-directional (through MSA) replication from ASESERVER_a to ASESERVER_b (and vice versa) :


repserver REPSERVER_a is the ID Server.

2. Configuration B


Then I added a 3rd dataserver ASESERVER_c (ASE 15.7, 4K pages on Solaris Intel)

and replication server REPSERVER_c.

I added bi-directional routes to the other two repservers

and added bi-directional replication of the databases also to ASESERVER_c.

The configuration is completely symmetrical : each dataserver can become the active node and replicate to the other two (standby/passive) servers.

3. Configuration C


Dataserver ASESERVER_c is now the active server, ASESERVER_a and ASESERVER_b are standby servers.

I want to replace ASESERVER_a by a server which also runs on 15.7, solaris Intel, 4K pages.

in other words, I want to destroy ASESERVER_a, create a new server and synchronize the data via dump/loads from ASESERVER_c.

I also want to move REPSERVER_a to solaris intel.

The cleanest way would be to remove the replication to ASESERVER_a from the system and also remove REPSERVER_a, so that only b and c are left. Then I can add a new repserver on the correct platform, and rebuild replication to ASESERVER_a.

The only problem is that REPSERVER_a is the ID Server.

Is there a way to change the id server to REPSERVER_c ?

If not, the only alternative I see is to create a new repserver on solaris intel, copy content from REPSERVER_a to the new server and than restart the new server as REPSERVER_a. This adds also the difficulty of dealing with the stable queues.

Or do you see another solution ?