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Oct 28, 2013 at 11:57 AM

Create,update new note in the infotype PA2001


Hi Gurus,

I am new to HR ABAP. I have a requirement regarding the configuration Name : ZHRESS_AC_PTARQ_LEAVREQ , WDA:HRESS_A_PTARQ_LEAVREQ_APPL.

This application is used to apply leave.

Based on the type of absenses, we have to fill the new note field, in this field we can enter multiple characters. I need to save this data in the infotype PA2001.

Can some one tell me how to save this data in the infotype and which is the field used.

We use feeder class : CL_HRESS_PTARQ_LEAVREQ_GUIBBF to save,read etc application.

For Reference: Screen 1

data entered in the new note field should be saved in the screen 2, where edit icon circuled with yellow marik

Note: This is the standard applications build my SAP on Floor Plan Manager

Thanks in advance

Sankar Gelivi


screen 1.PNG (20.0 kB)
screen 2.PNG (85.1 kB)