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Oct 28, 2013 at 09:52 AM

HCM Processes & Forms - Get event in search help when press 'OK' button


Hi Gurus,

I have a Position form field to select certain values. I'm setting search help values during runtime in a custom generic backend service in INITIALIZE method. Result values are being showed properly on search help popup but when I press 'OK' button of the search help window I'm not be able to catch event associated to it. In this field I have set standard USER_EVENT_INITIALIZE event on form. The weird thing is if I press enter on the field (not in search help window) the event is being triggered well, but I need to catch the event also when user press button 'OK'.

I send to you some screenshots for more clarification.

Image 1: this is the Position field with a search help defined in backend service:

Image 2: if I press search help button values are showed properly in a popup window:

At this point I need to be able to 'catch' event when user press OK button to get certain default form fields.

Image 3: value is transferred properly to the form field, and if I press 'Enter' event initialize is being triggered.

Image 4: See event assigned to the field in form configuration:

Probably I'm doing something wrong.

Any idea or comment would be helpful.



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picture1.jpg (11.3 kB)
Picture2.jpg (17.6 kB)
Picture3.jpg (12.5 kB)
Picture4.jpg (107.8 kB)