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Oct 28, 2013 at 08:03 AM

A Question About the Future of the ActiveX Controls to Connect SAP


Hello community,

the ActiveX controls wdtaocx.ocx (Table access), wdtfuncs.ocx (Functions), wdtlog.ocx (Logging) and wdobapi.ocx (BAPI access), to connect an SAP system via COM interface, uses the classic RFC library librfc32. But the lifetime of the classic RFC library is limited until March 31, 2016. Here from SAP Note 413708 - Current RFC library: "After the maintenance end of SAP Release 7.10 (March 31, 2016), we no longer support the classic RFC SDK or the classic RFC library" But what's with the ActiveX controls above? Does anybody know something about the future of this interface?

Here a link to another request here in the forum.

Thanks in advance.