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Oct 27, 2013 at 08:48 AM

Fixed Asset with Non Leading ledger


My Company is acquiring 3rd company which is foreign company, 1st two companies are local companies and have same Fiscal Year variant and Currency. Fiscal year variant V6.

New company have Foreign Currency and Fiscal Year Variant V3. Now, Management want to use same Controlling Area. Controlling Area currency is company code currency and Fiscal Year Variant V6.

I assigned Fiscal year V6 to new company code and create Non leading ledger and assigned V3.

It means new company user have to view reports in Non Leading Ledger and at the time of posting they have to open posting period with respect to V6.

If i view Asset in AW01N, Asset display in 2013 Fiscal year but my posting is 01.04.2013 which means Fiscal year with respect to Leading Ledger (V6) should be 2013 and Non Leading Ledger (V3) Fiscal year should be 2014. and Same if i post 01.07.2013 then asset display in 2014 , it also posting with respect to Leading ledger and before posting required Year end closing of 2013 Fiscal Year.

Now question;

1- How Fixed Asset reports can be handle with non leading ledger.

2- What Impacts can be on new company code creation with Non Leading Ledger on Fixed asset

3- Can i assign existing chart of depreciation with new foreign company.

4- Any other point which should be consider.

Same issue with Fagll03 report.