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How collect batches from ASE Sybase 15.7

Jan 13, 2017 at 04:15 PM


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I need to collect all batch for the certain user, and at the same time without missing any batch.

I know that for this purpose it is possible to use mon tables, but in that case I all the same will pass a part of batch.

Whether there is an opportunity to collect all batch for specific login?

SAP ASE 15.7

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Avinash Kothare Jan 13, 2017 at 05:09 PM

If your auditing is turned on just capture the "cmdtxt" for that login.

Otherwise get the SPID (for the batch).

With sa or sso role you can trace (record) a SPID's communication into an output file.

The syntax to enable tracing is:

set tracefile <em>file_name</em> [off] [for <em>spid]</em>

The syntax to disable tracing is:

set tracefile off [for spid]

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thanks the good idea, it is necessary to try

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I tried to use audit,but had a bad rezult.

Regarding the requests, using jdbs the driver, I see only procedures and requests, but I don't see parameters.

For example:


create proc jtds000002 as select cp.Name as ParamName, cp.Type, cp.Required

from test cp (INDEX XAKtMBCommandParam)

where cp.MBCommandID = ?------- Have't parameters

at isolation read uncommitted


How in audit to receive a complete request, with all parameters?


To audit execution of stored procedure :

In general, you can audit execute stored procedure by enabling the audit option “exec_procedure”, which generates an audit record containing the name of the stored procecudure and the parameters.

Search the Chapter/Section in ASE Admin Guide for more on auditing.



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Avinash Kothare

When we worked with jdbc driver in ASE we have LWP procedure with name "create proc jtds000002"

And it's created on tempdb!

We can't use options "exec_procedure" on tempdb.

And we don't know name procedure because it's random created when programm worked.