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Oct 26, 2013 at 10:43 AM

Syclo Agentry Custom Application Development


Hi All,

I was following an SAP How-to Guide regarding development of custom Agentry application.I have developed a sample application for getting flight schedule details.But I am stuck at the part of JAVABE.ini configuration part.After all the devs in agentry editor, I published the code to Agentry development server.I have developed the Java class files according to the guide.But when I start my Syclo server,I am getting the following error."Error validation user password".And I have maintained the user name and password in the agentry.ini but that file is used by the Agentry test client to connect to the Agentry server.Do I need to maintain password in some other files too?

The Bapi wrapper i have assigned for the custom applications are the following

The JAVABE.ini configurations is where I think I have made the mistake.I have commented all the other bapi's in the JAVABE.ini file since my custom application is not assigned with those bapis.

Thanks in advance...


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