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Oct 26, 2013 at 07:37 AM

SD Invoice without Outbound Delivery



Our normal process

Sales Order - Outbound Delivery - Inovice

Material for which outbound delivery was created with Acct assignment category 'F' in purchase order. Hence when GR was done it was consumed. Concerned PO is already paid and cleared (with BRS already done)

Now we have to outbound delivery material is not available in stock

Is there a way by which for selective sales order line items we can skip outbound delivery and directly billing?

If we have to correct PO, then we have to reverse all FI documents, i.e. BRS entry, payment, miro, excise, migo and then change acct assignment to normal and do GR and Outbound delivery. However I dont want this procees since it is too complicated with multiple errors at the time if MIRO reversal

So can we create billing without outbound delivery? (Idea is to bill before month closing)

Thank You