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Oct 25, 2013 at 12:40 PM

Uploading image from iOS To SAP



I am trying to upload image from iOS to SAP(By using sap mobile platform 2.3) and having some problems.

I look into some discussions on this case before and still couldnt solve it.

What i am trying to do is :

send a photo from device to SAP and create that photo with abap into local machine

I have a rfc on SAP that receives string and when try to create a mbo from this rfc, string size automatically becomes 300 and i cant change it.

If i could receive the base64 encoded string to abap, i can create the image but because of the 300 length limitation that does not work for me.

Some people says use xstring on rfc but xstring seems to 1024 length and rawstring seems to be right choice in that matter but i couldnt create a photo from rawstring in ABAP.

I took the image into NSData then use base64 encoding into Another NSData and send this to SAP. but after this i tried to change the encoded rawstring into a form that can be used with 'gui_download' but i gives control_flush_error

I am new to SUP maybe i am doing it all wrong can someone plz explain to me how to do this. (And why i cant change string default size which is 300)

Thank you very much