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Oct 06, 2005 at 11:01 AM

Not able to Send HTTP Request to XI thru Java Script from EP iView


Hi All,

We have been trying to send HTTP request to XI through JavaScipt from EP iView by using following code (code snippet):

1 var reqString = "a Valid URL";

2 var xhttp = new ActiveXObject("msxml2.xmlhttp");

3 var xhttp = new ActiveXObject("microsoft.xmlhttp");

4'POST', reqString, false);

5 payload = document.MessageParameters.xmlData.value;

6 xhttp.send(payload);

7 xhttp.close;

When I run the Javascript, I get error at Line 4

stating as " Unspecified Error".

Note: The above file is a simple HTML code being run on EP.

Request to give a suitable solution for the above issue, as we have trying to sort out the same for quite sometime now.

With regards,