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Jan 13, 2017 at 03:22 PM

Picking status


I have created a VAS process for which I need to pick (via WT) a component to a workcenter, which is then (via a new WT upon completion of the VAS) to be brought to the GI area. I bring my component on a pickpallet to the workcenter. Once I put the component on the pickpallet, the pick status becomes completed, although the warehouse task is not yet completed (as the pickpallet has still to be brought to the workcenter). Am I correct that the pickstatus is set here too early to 'completed'. How to prevent this?

Once I have brought the pickpallet to the workcenter, -of course- now also the WT becomes completed. Accordingly the ODO picking status is changed from partially completed to completed. However as the VAS order is still to be completed, and a new WT is still to be created to move it to the GI area; this 'completion status' is far too early. How to secure that the picking status will only become completed when all activities are done?