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Oct 25, 2013 at 05:45 AM

RSEG to BSET Relation for getting line item taxable value



My requirement is to extract MIRO line items with taxable value and tax value. So am taking each line items from RESG with BELNR,Year and Tax code and passing to BSET table.

But in BSET condition type JMO1/JMO2 is the base amount. So, RSEG amount multiplied by JMO1 percentage is giving the MODVAT value and other values calculating from BSET as JMO1 value as base for other condition types.

So its working fine if BSET's JMO1/JMO2 % is same in BSET.

But some times for one document BSET is having more than one JMO1 with different % rates. so i can not link each RSEG amount to this. because i don't know to which JMO1 i needs to compare & take % rate.

Currently, i am consolidating in BSET at condition types level. that means i am adding all JMO1 base & tax value separately and finding the %. that means i am averaging. So i am not getting exact value.

So, any link is there between these tables.

please check the attachment screen shot.

Why in BSET some times JMO1/JMO2 is coming one times and some times 2 or more times with different % rates?

Need expert opinion


rseg-bset2.png (124.9 kB)
rseg-bset1.png (204.1 kB)