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Former Member
Oct 24, 2013 at 06:29 PM

Crystal connecting to a Local ServiceBased database


I am switching a project from a normal SQL Database to Local Database that will be packaged and deployed with the project.. first I can't seem to figure out in the "Set data location" which connection type I should be using.. It is not the normal ADO. Something did seem to be created when I added the Database.. Looks like ProjectName.Database.DatabaseName.. Property says it is But when you open it to look for tables & stored procedures it just says "No Items Found".. I see nothing I can do to point to the "items"..

However I connect, I do need the path not to be hardcoded, (whether I need to change the path in C# code programically doesn't matter).. But if the path is hardcoded, I need some advice on how to redirect the path.. That's because once packaged & deployed, I don't have total authority on where people will install it..

Just hoping to find some of you having navigated these waters before who can help me..