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Oct 24, 2013 at 03:11 PM

Regarding OSS note 1401975 implementation error messages


Dear All,

I am a sap abap consultant.I am trying to implement OSS note 1401975.I am not able to activate the DMEE format tree, even after clicking so many times on activation button.

My system version details:

SAP_ABA 702 0009 SAPKA70209 Cross-Application Component

SAP_APPL 603 0003 SAPKH60303 Logistics and Accounting


As part of Manual Activity

Call transaction SE11. In the SAP package BFIBL_PAYM, create the new data

element FPM_B2B (B2B mandate) with the domain BOOLEAN and the field label:

B2B mandate.

But when I try to create a new data element , the system is asking for Access Key.Is Access key is neccessory here as I am trying to implement this OSS note.

2nd Question

I downloaded the XML file from market place.Went to T code DMEE providede Tree type = PAYM and Format Tree = ZSEPA_DD (COPIED FROM SEPA_DD) and uploaded XML file from desktop.But when I tried to save and activate. It is not able to activate.When I clicked on Log button next to activation button ,I am getting below errors

Format-specific structure FPM_SEPA does not exist

Sort field FPAYHX-B2B is not a permissible source field

Error in conditions for node ISO: source field FPM_SEPA-XMLNS does no

Node PmtInfId: function module DMEE_EXIT_SEPA_21 does not exist

Error in conditions for node CORE: source field FPAYHX-B2B does not e

Error in conditions for node Nm: source field FPAYHX-ORIG_REC_NAME1 and more.

I maintained entries in OBPM1 also.

Please help me out , did i miss anything. Or do I need to do any configuration.

Kind regards,