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Oct 24, 2013 at 02:38 PM

Tax Code missing in Accounting Document


Dear Experts,

When I am posting the billing document to FI, accounting document is getting generated and tax codes are also getting determined for the service tax condition types. It is not getting determined for the Debit to Customer entry (01 - Posting Key) and Credit to GL account (50 - Posting Key).

I have check all the setting from SD side like of pricing procedure, Account determination (VKOA), Material taxes in Material Master, Customer taxes and Reconcilliation account in Customer master.

Also from FI Side like FS00 (Tax Category = ' * ' ), FTXP, OBA7 (Accounting Document Type) etc.

But, I am still not able to figure out where I am doing mistake.

Kindly help in solving the issue.


Saher MD


Tax Code Issue.JPG (45.4 kB)