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Errors in running migrated application in 14.0


We recently migrated our applications from xMII 12.0 SP02 to MII 14.0 SP03 (14.0.3 Build(24)) in Development which is done by Basis team. While testing the deployed MII projects, I have noticed the following errors / issues:

1) None of the scheduled jobs are not at all listing in Scheduler.

2) Message Listener and message processing rules are completely empty.

Projects, data servers, JCO connectors, etc are available. The above two are missing.

3) While executing oracle procedures through fixed query with output is throwing exception "ORA-00900 invalid SQL statement". The procedures are available in Oracle 11g DB and no errors.

4) The iGrid object is not loading properly. It throws the following exceptions.

Display_Applet [ERROR] - Unknown stream error: Invalid block type: 120

Display_Applet [ERROR] - Error: Unknown stream error: Invalid block type: 120

5) In xMII 12.0, we used two custom login pages as war files. They were deployed in Netweaver through Deploytool available d:\usr\sap\XMI\JCO0\J2EE\Deploying.

After migration we still have old Deploytool version 6.4. Is it correct one or through some other method, do I need to deploy war files. we have not installed NWDS as the part of installation.

Please help me to resolve the above issues.


Raman N

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1 Answer

  • Posted on Oct 25, 2013 at 08:24 PM


    I'm sure there are other customers/partners in the community who share your pain, and an upgrade from 12.0 to 14.0 is quite a leap forward in time and covers many changes in NW versions, and specific to MII, the applet conversion, and many changes to business logic.

    It might be easier to create items in issues 1 and 2 brand new in 14.0, especially if it takes longer to determine root cause for why they didn't migrate than it would to create them new and perhaps even do some housekeeping at the same time.

    If you're sure the oracle driver is the same on both NW systems, then you might want to log a support ticket since it should work the same way.

    You will probably get better traction if you approach your issues in separate threads here in the forum.



    SAP Rapid Innovation Group - RIG

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