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Oct 24, 2013 at 12:36 PM

FAX Went to Vendor on Partial PO Approval


We have created PO on 12.09.2013 and in PO messages selected correct Output type of FAX for Vendor.

Maintained Condition records for Out type (FAX) is based on Vendor maintained: Transmission medium "2" (fax) and Dispatch time "1" through MN04

We have configure the Release Procedure in that we have maintained "release Indicator " "6"

When Created PO System showing 2 release Codes

1) 09 release Code Release on 13.09.2013 Say Partial Release

2) 10 release code Released on 17.09.2013 Say Complete Release

But Vendor got PO details through FAX on 13.09.2013. It was before complete release of PO, FAX went to vendor on Partial release of PO

actually PO was released on 17.09.2013.

Why this FAX went on Partial PO approval

PO Created on 12.09.2013

PO Partial Released on 13.09.2013

FAX went to Vendor on 13.09.2013

PO Complete Released on 17.09.2013

Why like this

Sapman man