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Oct 24, 2013 at 12:07 PM

First schedule Lines in Schedule Agreement not part of MRP



I have a problem with a couple of schedule agrrements that does not form part of MRP runs. This occurs for all schedule lines for the current month, but only the following month's schedule lines are included in the MRP run. When we update the Schedule Agreement with new orders from the customer for the new month fro eg, new orders for November, the schedule lines for November does not form part of the MRP run ,but only December going forward.. I have noticed within the schedule agreement that the Schedule Line Category (SLCa) has two types of MRP's eg, BN (No MRP) and L1 (MRP). BN (No MRP) is for the schedule lines for the current month and L1 (MRP) is for the schedule lines from the new month and going forward. How do I change the Schedule Line Category (SLCa) BN (No MRP) to L1 containg MRP?


Missing MRP2.JPG (69.5 kB)
Missing MRP.JPG (115.5 kB)