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Oct 24, 2013 at 10:13 AM

PI 7.1 SLD Config



I started at a new project where I was given a clean sap PI system to work with. I'm still trying to decide what falls under sap basis and what config I must do so was hoping someone can assist. We had some client issues but was sorted so now I'm able to open up my integration builder, SLD, ID and IR. There's no technical systems configured as yes or products or software component versions. The systems overview would be as follow.

Java based front end system which will provide the customer information, PI as the integration layer which will update ECC6 and CRM. CRM won't be used as the front end as yet so for now PI will provide the master data to be updated in ECC and CRM. (Hope that makes sense)

  • Regarding technical system, should a basis consultant config the different systems? I normally get a PI system the these already configured.
  • For my software component versions, what would the best practice be here. A central software component version for creating datatypes which will be referenced in the other systems or would it be best to create a software component version for each area?
  • Is there some documentation on sap standards regarding products and software components?