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Oct 24, 2013 at 10:04 AM

Target keyfigure modelling


Hi All, I got a requirement to bring the target figure to the report. The target is calculated on an early basis at the organization level. Please note that there will be only one target figure per year which will be set in the beginning of each year an won't change. The below screen shows the expected output Country Year sales target UK 2012 1000 100000 US 2012 500 100000 Germany 2012 500000 100000 UK 2013 400000 200000 US 2013 200000 200000 Germany 2013 10000 200000 ` What is the best way to model this scenario. I was planning to create an infoobject with compound attribute on year and maintain the target value as the master data. This infoobject will be combined in the multiprovider along with the transaction figures and displayed. So the transaction cube will have country year and sales information and the master data infoobject will have the year and target keyfigure information The disadvantage is we got only the year figure on both infoproviders so we may have to set the constants on the bex to show the target at each area. Let says your transaction cube got country Germany , UK and US since the country field is not present on the second infoprovider you will get # values. The second opttion is , I can add the target keyfigure to the cube and load the keyfigure by doing a master data look up and will set the aggregation for the target keyfigure for maximum. The advantage for this approach is I will be able to see the target across all the transactions. Is there any better way to model this scenario. Thanks, Jino.