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Oct 24, 2013 at 09:01 AM

BADI to delete data



I have a question, but let me state ahead that i am not conversant with use of BADI in BPC so i might mix up the terms.

The client's requirement is to make use of dropdowns in the row axis. Through a few gymnastics, we are able to achieve a template that uses dropdowns. However, the problem is that when users decide to change a previously saved selection in a row, the new selection is saved to the database as a new record while the previous is kept which is not what is intended. So the solution we are left with is to find a way to delete users' record for the selected Cost Centre, Year and Version before the new set of data is saved.

My questions:

Is it possible to achieve this using BADI or any other means?

Which BADI (or enhancemnt spot) do we implement to first delete identified data set before the incoming data is saved to the data base?

Are there standard classes/function that can help?

We require the BADI to run without prompts when users save data and we need it to authomatically select the location to delete from the input sheet's context members. Is it possible and how?

I truly appreciate your helps