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Oct 24, 2013 at 03:26 AM

Can't Find First Real Count Date and Time in Physical Inventory Doc. at MI06 OR Tables



I want to find the first real count date and time in the physical inventory document .The first real count date means the first actual input date and time at mi04.I can find the changes list at mi06 except the first input date and time.

Is there a way to find the first real count date and time in a physical inventory document?

What I am trying to accomplish is this:

1)I can find the count date at Tcode Mi06 or table ISEG and IKPF.But after my test,I found this so-called count date was not the real count date,it can be changed in the initial screen of mi04.

2)When i displayed the table ISEG,I found there were two count date in this table,one was count date(ZLDAT),another was count date(WSTI_COUNTDATE) . The count date(ZLDAT) of table ISEG was the same field which i found in mi06. Meanwhile ,i saw the count date (WSTI_COUNTDATE) was empty and the neighbouring field count time(WSTI_COUNTTIME) displayed 00:00:00. Are these two fields the first real count date and time? If so, How can i find out them?

3)I can find the change list through the menu "Goto"->"Changes to Physical Inventory documents "at mi06.But sill can't find out the first real count date and time.

You relevant responses will be greatly appreciated.