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Oct 24, 2013 at 03:07 AM

DB12 alerts


Good Day!


During our transition upon the resignation of my colleague we came across a problem on DB Back Up Monitor(db12) > Alerts > Alert Monitor it shows(please disregard the DATE which ill explain later)


He told me that this error had already been solve, this was during the Year End backup. which is shown in ERRORLOG.5 the severity was State 1/error 3624/severity 20


Though solved the error log message was never removed, so every time we open the Alerts it still shows the error in fig1 BUT the date was the same as that of ERRORLOG.5. It did not change from 12/29/2012.


As you can see now in fig1 it suddenly changed date (from 12/29/2012 to 10/23/2013). As i was instructed before my colleague left as follows;

  1. goto db12 > alerts > alert monitor > health (with a red dot) > errors > error log messages (seen in fig1)
  2. if errors are found goto db12 > Diagnostics > Sql error logs > check the Log Name (where the date of error belongs to) > in this case ERRORLOG.1
  3. browse the ERRLOG output and search for the solution of the error details found (example. error3624 severity; 20 state1) through an OSS/SAP note in the SAP Marketplace

In this case the Error Log Messages shows ang error and change in date but when we look at the ERRORLOG it doesn't report any problem.


  1. Are the steps i listed from 1 to 3 the proper way to go about this?
  2. Is my notion correct that as long as the severity is not recorded on the Diagnostics > SQL Error Logs we have no major problem at hand?
  3. Why then did it suddenly change DATE? while for a long time it did not? (say we are not after removing this error log for now just to monitor the sudden change in date)
  4. Finally all signal indicator are Green except for THIS and a yellow warning as shown in fig3 (below). Are this 2 connected?


I'am fairly new in SAP as an administrator, so please excuse me for novice like questions, but I'am just looking for suggestions to back up the materials i read from more experienced users who might have came across such problem.

Thank You!


severity.gif (2.8 kB)
sql.gif (9.0 kB)
warning.gif (2.7 kB)