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Line Item Number in Invoice

Hello Experts,

I have a question!

I have a scenario for which in an order I have 2 standard items Mat 01 and Mat 02

In my case my order quantity for Mat 01 is 5 and Mat 02 is 10


At Line item level the items are displayed as shown:

100             Mat01            Qty5

200             Mat02            Qty10

So, for Mat 01 I had all items in stock

Mat 02 had only 8 items in stock and customer requested for a partial delivery.

So, I created a delivery for Mat 01 with 5 items and Mat 02 with 8 items.

After a week when I had stock for Mat 02, I had created delivery for 2 items by which the order is fulfilled.

Now, when I created a single F2 Invoice for both deliveries. The line item numbers changed:

In Invoice the line items came in from both deliveries as:

100         Mat01            Qty5

200         Mat02            Qty8

201         Mat03            Qty2 ---------> How did the line item number increment by 1, where can I change this behavior as per my requirement.

Thanks in Advance

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5 Answers

  • Oct 24, 2013 at 09:25 AM

    Hi Sri Das,

    for the item numbering in the invoice two customizing entries are responsible. As mentioned by

    Siva Vasireddy, one is in the copy control. As you describe a delivery related invoice process, transaction VTFL is to be checked on header level:  

    If here the flag is set in field V_TVCPFLK-POSVO then at first the item number of the source document is taken over. For a delivery it would be the sales order (filled into field LIPS-VGPOS).

    The other setting influencing the behavior can be found in transaction VOFA - the definition of the invoice type used:

    Field V_TVFK-INCPO is important - what increment should be used?

    To answer your question it would be necessary to know more:

    • how did you define your customizing?,
    • how is LIPS-VGPOS filled?,
    • what is the source document?,
    • is also a purchase order involved?
    • and do you influence the number in the copy routine / user-exit?

    Best regards,


    VTFL.jpg (129.0 kB)
    VOFA.jpg (265.9 kB)
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    • Hi Sri Das,

      O.K. - then if no other influences are present, this VOFA setting of the increment (field V_TVFK-INCPO) will be the solution.

      As the predecessor item number is identical (LIPS-VGPOS = 200 in both deliveries), it can not be copied a second time for the third item (obviously it is not possible to have two times item number 200 in the invoice), and the increment has to be added.

      -> Which is 1, the smallest possible, if nothing is defined. You have to enter in VOFA there as an increment 100.  Then your requirement could be fulfilled, and after having item 200 the next would be 300 - since this increment of 100 is added.

      Best regards,


  • Oct 28, 2013 at 01:22 PM

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  • Oct 24, 2013 at 08:54 AM


    you need to check the Copy controls VTFL and VTLA

    the Field copy item number controls this Numbers

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    • Former Member
      Thank you Siva,

      I have checked my config I see that Copy item number field checked.

      How can I change the increments of line items :

      In my case :

      Instead of displaying 201 it should come up as 300.

      Please suggest!

      Thanks in Advance

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    Oct 28, 2013 at 12:02 PM

    Hi Sri Das,

           I could understand the scenario explained and the solution provided , If you change the Item No increment in VOFA your current situation would be achieved successfully Where you have only line item 100 and 200 , Say In case where you have line items more , ( 100 200 300 and so on ) and If the same scenario is encountered where you have partially delivered line item 100 or 200 and trying to simulate collective Billing .How the system should determined the item No's.

    I request you to kindly cgheck with any existing routines in Copy Control Delivery to Billing and proceed accordingly.


    Santhosh K Menon

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  • Oct 29, 2013 at 04:16 AM

    Dear Tobias,

    I can understand your anguish but it should be in polite way (respective manner).

    You cant make or can show your irritations on the members who are replying here.

    All the members here are unpaid and service oriented.

    I think, for Mr lakshmi pathi- no more points are required to prove something great.

    He already proved that-Hope you understood the thing what i am sharing too.

    I request you to be little patient while giving replies.

    Let us come to this scenario--here i have a doubt.

    If the number increment has not been given in VOFA then why for third item system giving number 1 as increment.

    Where i can check this?  what tells the system to add 1 number in which Program??

    Please suggest.


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