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Oct 23, 2013 at 08:29 PM

Installing ECC on AWS


I'm new to AWS and I'm trying to install ECC 6.0 in AWS. I've spun up an EC2 environment with enough disk and loaded all the required SAP software. In addition, I made a number of required changes, such as changing the hostname as per SAP.

My question is around DNS support. During the installation you are asked to provide the DNS Domain Name.

When I look at the properties for my AWS instance, the public DNS = e*********

I tried using as the DNS. However, the SAP installer couldn't resolve the .

There seems to be a step that I'm missing.

1. Can the SAP installation be done using EC2 Classic? If so, how? or must EC2-VPC be used?

2. Must Elastic IPs be used (so that a fixed IP can be bound to the SAP instance?)

I appreciate any help from those that have successfully installed ECC on AWS.


DSN screen.PNG (15.6 kB)