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Oct 23, 2013 at 07:39 PM

CB85 - Using the "Work Center Printer" check box


Hi All

I'm trying to configure tcode CB85 in such a way that the default printer will be pulled from the resource. This is required because we have 1 order type with 1 form under 1 plant code. The work centers are strewn across the campus and will need the required paperwork printed upon order release. As a result designation via order type or output type is not possible. The SAP documentation eludes that it's possible to select printers via the "Work Center Printer" check box under printer specifications within CB85 and that this takes precedence over any other setting.

Can anyone elaborate on what additional setup is required to get this working?

I've setup the following but without success:

1. The resource has the desired printer maintained in the default values tab.

2. The number of confirmation slips has been set to 1 within the resource and process order.

3. The operation control key has had all the printing relevant check boxes activated.

4. The required list name has been populated with the "Work Center Printer" check box selected and output device set with "02" within CB85

5. Print Program PPPIRUEC has been used for the list.

Regardless of the settings above the default printer which is populated in "Spool Paramters for user" (CB85) still overrides. If I play with the output device setting using "01" and "03" neither setting pulls in the printer populated in the resource