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Oct 05, 2005 at 11:20 PM

Troubleshooting IC WebClient's Interactive Scripting Runtime


What can you do if when running IC WebClient, scripts don't appear for selection in the


Here are few things to check if you encounter this symptom. It is

described depending on the CRM version you have installed

<b> CRM 4.0</b>

1. Run transaction 'Check System Settings and Status' in the CRM client

where you run IC WebClient. (transaction CRMS_IC_CHECK). If any

errors are reported try to fix those errors first. Common errors are

IC Server is not running or the wrong server or port is configured.

2. Interactive Scripting uses RFC calls from Java to ABAP via JCO. For

this purpose a user JAVA_IC must be set up during installation.

o Check if this user exists in the CRM client where you are running

IC WEbClient and if it has all the rights specified in the

installation guide.

o Check at the J2EE side using XCM, that the same user (JAVA_IC)

and the same password as in CRM was defined.

o Check if the user JAVA_IC is not locked in CRM.

o Check in XCM if other systems parameters are correctly

configured(server name, system number, gateway etc.).

o If you change any parameter in XCM you need to stop and start

ICSERVER for the change to take effect.

3. In order for scripts to appear in the dropdown for selection they

should be part of the Script profile (transaction CRMC_IC_SCRIPT).

o Check if the script you are looking for is assigned to the script

profile and it is within the validity date.

o Check if the script profile is attached to your IC WebClient


o Check at runtime what your IC WebClient profile is by clicking on

the Date displayed on the lower right corner of your browser.

<b>CRM 4.0 Service Industries Extension</b>

Run transaction CRMS_IC_SYSTEM_PROPS to determine which configuration

you are running.

The recommended setting is the 'No Java Configuration'

o If 'No Java Configuration' is selected to check for a possible

reason for the symptom do only step 3 from CRM 4.0 above.

o If a setting other than 'No Java Configuration' is selected check

all 1,2,3 steps like for CRM 4.0