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Oct 23, 2013 at 11:44 AM

EDI_DC40 Segment missing in PEXR2002 (for PAYEXT message type) Outbound idoc


Hi, I have read through a lot of posts regarding these idoc basic types and all but none came close to what I'm having right now.

The bank's requirement is to have this segment explicitly in the generated idoc in F110 (PEXR2002).

EDI_DC40 <----

TABNAM 10 Always EDI_DC40

CREDAT 8 Creation date

CRETIM 6 Creation Time

So we created a Z basic type, copying the standard segments of PEXR2002 and adding the custom

segment (ZEDI_DC40). The custom idoc has been released, the partner profile settings for PAYEXT

outbound has been changed to the enhanced idoc (ZPEXR2002 <-- contains the new segment and

other standard segments of PEXR2002).

This is an outbound idoc, so we have to manually populate the custom segment we made.

I came across the user exit EXIT_SAPLIEDP_902, and this was the only exit being triggered.

According to, this FM is called up immediately before the data of an intermediate document is written.

The problem is, our custom segment (ZEDI_DC40) is not showing up in the list of segments

being passed on to the FM (I think only populated segments are being passed here).

Are there any way to do this one? Anywhere I could include the custom segment in the idoc being generated?

PS: For the generated idoc, ZPEXR2002 is indicated as the basic type, so I really don't know why the custom

segment cannot be seen during run time.

Thanks ahead!