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Oct 23, 2013 at 11:15 AM

Cumulative Key Figures


Trying to implement Non-Cumulative Key Figure concept.

Not getting the concept of validity table i.e the L table.We will need a time characteristics always to be able to use non-cumu KF and one characteristics on which we need the non-cumulated value?Non-Cum. KF dont show in transformation nor in cube o/p,why?

Got a Brain 633 error when executing a Query having a non-cumu KF?Any solution to this?What could be the problem?

Say for Ex:-

I set the Non-Cumu with Inflow/Outflow check box in KF Aggregation tab.Then,how will the output be displayed.Say if the inflow value be 900 and outflow value be 100.Then how will the output be?

And with Non-Cumu value change check box in KF Aggregation,will only the value be shown in the output i.e without the inflow/outflow(+/-)?

What is role of the Exception aggregation in Non-Cumu KF?

Tried to search this over the web but still confused hence asking.