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Former Member
Oct 23, 2013 at 08:51 AM

Problem in /552 & /563 during Payroll


Dear All, I am facing a problem in claim wage types /552 & /563. In October payroll, there is a claim for employee 822 SR. While running November payroll, the amount 1141 is being posted under Wage Type /563, and the reason is there is a deduction of 319 in employee's salary.

But the problem is, the difference (-319) is also being posted to Difference Wage Type (/552) as 319, and also being posted to Claim From (/563). If it is being posted to /552, the amount should not come under wage type /563.

How come the difference (-319) being posted to different wage types (/552 & /563) at the same time? Please advise as how can i solve the problem?

Regards, Omar