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Oct 05, 2005 at 07:31 PM

Import Manager Out of Memory error


I am running MDM server on Windows XP Professional. The server has 4.0 GB RAM with 1.5 GB Virtual memory.

I am trying to load 129 material master records from R/3 4.6 ( XML file size 8 MB), into MDM using Import Manager.

When I click on import icon (Import Status tab selected), MDM Import Manager rightway returns 'Out of Memory' error.

Tried to import the file again after rebooting the machine, restarting MDM Server, but still it returned the same error.

Has anybody tried loading the R/3 material data into MDM? What's the experience? What was the load (# of records)?

What was MDM IM performance? What's your hardware/software config?

Appreciate your help.