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Oct 23, 2013 at 05:18 AM

There are values for cost element XXXXX that are not assigned to any line ID



I am running T.code KKA2 for result anlaysis for projects.

I have done the necessary configurations and based on the same Result Analysis is working properly for all the projects but for one project its giving below error and the assignment of cost elment is at client level if no different RA key exist. We do have only one Controlling Area and one RA key and its assigned to project as well.

There are values for cost element 99011 that are not assigned to any line

Message no. KJ161


Not all values for the cost element are assigned to a line ID.


Assign the cost element to a line ID. If you don't want to include the cost
element in results analysis, assign it to a line ID of category N.

You can access a detailed list of unassigned cost elements as follows: Start
results analysis in the individual processing mode (transaction KKA1, KKA2, or
KKA3). Select the field Full log. Execute the function. On the next
screen, choose Logs -> Parameter List in the menu. A list is generated. The
unassigned values are shown at the end of the list.

If cost element "++++++++++" was shown in the message, this is because in the
assignment of costs and revenues to line IDs, you have not used a cost element
other than the full masking "++++++++++". In this case a presummarization
eliminates the information on the cost element.

Pls. guide to resolve the above issue.


Amit Mistry