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Oct 23, 2013 at 04:02 AM

MB51 - Changing Issuing unit or Add custom fields


Good Evening,

I'm currently working on development and got one requirement which I'm quite unfamiliar with. We have material X which has multiple plants. The Base UOM for this material is M3 (since being used in Canada). The Same Material is been extended to US Plants and the alternative UOM being used in BBL. The document posting fine for mov.type 309 all good. But the problem is when the user runs the report MB51 they are seeing the Sending Material Unit as BBL and Receiving Unit as M3, same goes with the Quantity. This is technically correct, but visually they are not satisfied with.

So the requirement is

- They wanted to see both Sending/Receiving material as BBL.

- They don't want to change anything in existing layout, hence we need to add one additional column which shows the Quantity 10.000 and BBL(as per my example data).

I hope I was clear in stating my requirement, can anyone suggest how to proceed from here? Can I add one additional column in the standard report(I think there is a note that talks about it, need to dig into it though) or do I need to create ZMB51?

I sincerely appreciate your assistance!




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