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Oct 05, 2005 at 03:18 PM

Create an iview for batch document upload to KM


Hi, I´m trying to create an iview for batch document upload to the portal. At the moment, I've only been able to upload documents from a source directory in the server, given an xml file uploaded from the client, which indicates the location of these files.

The inclution of the uploaded file to KM is not an issue, that is already solved. I'm just trying to make it usable by an administrative user that may not have access for creating folders in the portal server, unlike me. 😉

I need help doing one of these two things:

1. creating an upload percentage status bar

or 2. accesing the client's directory to upload and insert the file into the repository one by one.

Can anyone help?

(by the way, I'm trying to to exactly what the portal epa import iview does, but with documents, so i know it's possible, i just don't know how)