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Oct 22, 2013 at 10:50 AM

Capturing variable breaks in TIP table of time evaluation


Dear Experts

Its a long pending issue, i wrote 3 pcrs for capturing extra break hrs as given below. Ours is a variable break any 30mins b/w 11 to 3pm. Now issue is in DEFTP, i am finding wrong hrs being captured in extra break time type, it seems it taking all the break before and after break hrs. Please find below all the relevant screen-shots related to break configuration, IT2011, schema and PCRs. Kindly help me ASAP, where its going wrong.

Thanks & regards



DEFTP.JPG (78.3 kB)
Break Config..JPG (39.9 kB)
IT2011.JPG (48.5 kB)
KBR2.JPG (19.8 kB)
KBRK.JPG (45.9 kB)
KBR1.JPG (20.2 kB)
Schema ZM00.JPG (79.5 kB)