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Oct 22, 2013 at 08:53 AM

WCEM 3.0: Add PDF documents to a product


Hello once again,

I’m looking for a way to attach PDF documents to a product and display it (or a link to the PDF document) in the web shop. At first it’s enough to add document in the MDM (I mean that the replication from ERP down to the MDM is not needed, but if you have information or a tutorial it would be great).

System: (ERP <--> CRM 7.0 <--> ) MDM 7.x --> WCEM 3.0

First of all I change the option “Allow invalid PDFs” in the MDM console to YES.

So I was able to add PDF documents to the MDM category.

And this is the point where the trouble starts. If I try to add a document to a product, there is no pdf shown.

So I tried to add documents as binary object, which worked fine. I can add the document in the attachment section in the category “Product catalog item”.

But I’m not able to see the attachment in the web shop. There is no document attached neither in the specification tab nor in the overview tab. Does anyone have an idea how to fix it? Or is it necessary to change some lines of code to fulfill this task.

Best regards,



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