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Oct 22, 2013 at 06:22 AM

Control charts - In process Inspection



For In process Inspection: we want to use

a. Inspn points (type 100) a

b. have single recording of 5 to 10 individual readings per sample

c. have a control chart per Inspection point with control limits and action triggering

d. It should show the values per reading that was recorded. Scale should also show that...

I have gone through some of the posts on this topic but.. it looks like:

1. SAP doesn't seem to consider individual readings for Inspection points.

2. Only Mean values (of all the 5 or 10 readings) per Inspn point are shown in the graph

3. The graph shows time scale (with time for some years! or some big numbers in default).

4. With so many charts listed and each one differing with the sampling procedure, it becomes rather difficult to choose from... (probably, you need a lot knowledge in Statistics!)

Whereas, the Run chart is comparatively simple, takes & shows single results in graph but, we want control chart!

Any help please ?