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Oct 21, 2013 at 03:35 PM

#VALORMÚLTIP #MULTIVALUE no possible to create breaks



I'm dealing with the already known error message #MULTIVALUE and, even if there are lots of posts around, I couldn't solve mine.

Here you have how my report looks like:

In report you can see vendors in columns ("Proveedor") showing 3 KPI's:

- Value ("Importe")

- Quantity ("Cantidad")

- Price ("Precio")

For each vendor there are two kinds of quantity keys: EA (each) and KG. You can see in the bottom of the report the sum of values. For Value (Importe) is doing great as it's summing EUR+EUR (easy!), but when summing EA + KG... #MULTIVALUE error appears.

I've tried many possible solutions, nothing solved my issue. I've put unit key as dimension after Vendor and hiding it, nothing solved.

I've also tried the following solutions:

What the report should display is 4 result rows, 2 for each kind of quantity: total value and quantity for EA, and total value and quantity for KG.

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance!


Captura.JPG (86.3 kB)