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Oct 21, 2013 at 02:30 PM

Linking a Tablespace issue and DB STATS job


PLatform: WIndows/Oracle 10g

I just started at a new site that has had a high turn over of staff and i;m trying to bring some stability to the landscape. In some of my investigations, our Production server has not ran a sucessful weekly scheduled Stats/optimizer job in 4 years. (no joke)

i'm wprking to correct the issue. found oss# 1165319 and #830576 that appears to point to the solution.

But this past week, our PSDAT Tablespace is run out of space 4 times. We have a huge LOBSEGMENT file that is growing at an extreame rate in the PSDAT tablesapce.

Could I assume to make the link here between no DB stats/optimizer job ever ran in the system and a LOBSEGMENT file growing out of control???

ALso to my knowledge, you will not be versy successful at doing a system export or EHP upgrade is your stats jobs is not able to run. True or False?