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Oct 21, 2013 at 10:29 AM

SD Contract with 2 down payments


Hello experts,

I have an issue with my biling documents on SD.

Steps of my scenary :

1- VA41 : creation of contract (contract type "ZOCI") with company code 1000. I added a down payment of 1000€ (on the header part) --> Billing Date 17/09/2013


2- Billing directly from the contract (ZA01) then I get one billing document and one accounting document.

3- I modified the same contract by adding a second down payment of 2000€ --> Billing Date 17/10/2013

NB : the first down payment had the status "completely precessed" and the seconde one has the billing status "Not yet processed".


4- Billing directly from the contract but I get two billing documents:

* one billing document with 1000€ (first down payment)

* another billing with the cumulated amount 3000€ (1000+2000).

5- When I use the Tcode FBL5N for this customer I found two lines :

* 1000€ with net due date symbol "item is overdue"

* 3000€ with net due date symbol "item is not due"

Remark: I tried to create more diown payments, but it seems that the system keeps the first amount 1000€ and added it to the others lines.

What is the solution? Is it related to the net due date symbol?

Thank you for your answers in advance.