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Oct 21, 2013 at 07:35 AM

address for one-time customers on invoices not in customised format



Since our upgrade to ECC 6.0 the address layout for one-time customers (stored in BSEC) on invoices and adjustment notices does not print with our customised layout anymore.

postcode city is printed instead of

city region postcode

The layout key for our country is set to 900 (config OY01) and the enhancement is maintained in EXIT_SAPLSADR_001. These modifications work fine in general, but not for one-time vendors (was ok in ECC 5.0).

When debugging function module ADDRESS_INTO_PRINTFORM I noticed that flag lv_call_exits is cleared and therefore the call of the customer exit (in method IF_ADDR_PRINTFORM~PRINTFORM line 391) is skipped and the address is printed in a wrong layout.

Flag lv_call_exits did not exist in ECC 5.0 and the customer exit was always called.

We still like one-time customer addresses being printed in our customised version (country key 900). Any ideas how to achieve this?
Am I missing anything?
Any ideas?
Thank you!! 😊