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Oct 21, 2013 at 07:32 AM

Existing (old) thread, new post added (with similar issue)


Moderators, Members,

In an existing thread (say created in 2012), a member recently raised an issue (which was related / similar to the issue in the thread), replying to this recent issue is apparently against the Forum rules and my posts were rejected!

In the rejection message, it was suggested to read the forum rules. I did! But I did not see any clear rule against replying to a recent post, which is posted to an existing thread.

Could you please paste that rule here, so that it is clear?

If similar issues are put in one thread (in my opinion) it is better.

When someone searches, he/she could get information at one place.

Also, members who reply to existing (old) threads; questions posted recently by not the OP, these members are looking for (or going to get any points). They do it just for sharing the learning!

Thus I think moderators should look into this.

Thank you!


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